Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

  • Published on: 2018-11-08
  • - Today we beg the king for mercy. - Let's talk about that. (fire blasts) - Good Mythical Morning. - After declaring independence, the Burger King. - And as with any mercurial king, and subsequently discontinued menu items with no input from the public. We're gonna taste 'em and decide bring it back or nah, it's whack. aimed at selling double cheeseburgers with three specialty flavors including the intriguing pizza cheeseburger. on the BK doubles. reflect the opinion of Burger King. - By offering three new burgers, to make America hungry. Two juicy flame-broiled patties, okay. But a pizza double burger with mozzarella? Burger King, you've gone too far! - Mm. has also been discontinued. (chuckles) - Oh no. - Well I'm kinda guessing just based on concerned citizen Clifford. - Look at this thing. - So we've got it right here. Rhett, tell me what's on this thing. I'm guessing marinara sauce. - Okay basically here's what we did. Here's what Josh did. He studied the commercial frame by frame and then compared the ingredient notes from the store and marinara sauce so it was pretty simple. I like the idea of this, I'm gonna say. - I remember these. And they also did like a chicken parm. - The elongated chicken sandwich. - And sink it. (slurps burger) - It's good. - Burger's a little dry. - Once you get to that Burger King burger and you know you're in a Burger King zone, it's kind of a weird idea, actually. - But it's good. I mean these two flavors go together. They don't conflict with beef. You feel a little bit sophisticated. - Mhm. - I think they should bring it back. - It's good, it's really good. - [Rhett] Yeah. - [Rhett and Link] Bring it back. - Now let's zoom forward to June 2016. Mac and Cheetos. of a mozzarella stick. ("Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison) ♪ Return of the mack ♪ ♪ And Cheetos ♪ ♪ Return of the mack ♪ ♪ Oh my God ♪ ♪ Return of the mack ♪ ♪ And Cheetos ♪ ♪ You know they come back ♪ ♪ In my hand ♪ ♪ Return of the mack ♪ ♪ Once again ♪ ♪ Return of the mack ♪ ♪ And Cheetos ♪ ♪ Return of the mack ♪ ♪ Oh my God ♪ ♪ Once again ♪ - (chuckles) Man. ♪ And Cheetos ♪ - They blew the budget on that one. 1996 Return of the Mack Mark Morrison hit, the king and Chester Cheetah. ♪ And Cheetos ♪ - Yeah! It's so good but somewhere Macklemore must be feeling really overlooked. (crew chuckles) - Yeah. They probably asked. (chuckles) - I'm excited about these. but we haven't tasted them yet. The GMM version. You have the regs. - Mm, here's what we did. We looked at all the flavor reviews. in a cheese puff curl type situation. Breaded it with Cheeto dust, fried it, added more Cheeto dust, now here we are. without burning it and it's so in tact. Kudos! They're not Kudos, but kudos to you. - Not quite like the commercial, but-- - That's a different product. - Okay. - Dink it. - Of course it's good. - It's very good. - The question is-- - Is it good enough to bring back? It's like, mac and cheese, Cheetos, fried. you can have two of those things. - Rhett-- - I mean I'm gonna continue eating it. - Listen man, you deserve it. I deserve it. Let's not overanalyze it. no one would argue with. Even if you don't like cheese, man. - Your cardiologist would argue with it. - (chuckles) It's so good though. Whoa cares at this point? - [Rhett and Link] Bring it back. specialty sandwich that was reportedly all the rage in the 70s. Let's take a look. (disco music) - This is Burger King right? - What is going on? - What is a Yumbo? of the 70s. It's like sandwich gold. (chuckles) it will not be good. - (chuckles) No. Hi, I'm an actor. Where am I? - Yeah here's why it's controversial, because when they launched it on Twitter, We don't remember this. that either it was that Mandela Effect and we were in a different universe, as a clever marketing campaign. We did some research. Boopity-boop-boop-boop-boop-boop. from 68 to 74. So it was a real thing. - Thanks, Snopes. - But now I'm gonna sound an alarm. (mimics alarm blaring) This looks like something from Arby's. into someplace they shouldn't be. We had to buy some black forest ham - Hold on, I understand now. We've made a ham sandwich. - Yes. - Hamburgers? - Mhm. I've got some ham and cheese sandwiches that are a little hot. - They been in the back of the car. and they said that lunch was provided. What did he call them? He was like sandwich with salad on it. - He didn't call 'em sandwiches. - This went nowhere. 'cause I was like, I've got time He said, "Egg salad." (chuckles) And I was very, very disappointed. - I agree so just like Mama makes, just leave it to Mama. I'm not gonna go to a store and buy this. I do like the name though, Yumbo. and you can apply it to anything. To the verdict is-- - [Rhett and Link] Nah, that's whack. - And now we come to it. known as the Whopperito. of the Whopper, slap chopped 'em up, It was 2016, anything could happen. - Filled with hope. - Take a look at this commercial. Made with 100% beef, flame-grilled, then seasoned and smothered in queso sauce and topped with fresh veggies. - You say burrito, we say Whopperito, I say probably should start keto. (Rhett chuckles) late at night and not tell anyone about. I mean I could have made this. But I still made Josh make it. - I don't think that you would have rolled the tortilla that nice, that's what I say. - I'm gonna get a nice cross-section here. from the cross-section. That's tomato, I gotta get that out. Gotta get that out of my bite. No tomato on my Whoppers. Should have made it myself. - [Rhett] Extra beef in there. bring back the Whopperito, Burger King. - [Rhett] That's a movement. at any point, one handed. - I'm going with two. This is pretty nice. - Well then you don't like a Whopper. 'Cause all it is is a Whopper. - I thought that's what was gonna happen. and now I'm re-eating it. - Yeah this is how I like my Whoppers. Ripped up and put in a tortilla. I've just figured it out. That didn't work either. feels wrong to me. a little kid did it. - That's exactly what it is. just ripping patties up. - And it makes a big difference. but it was more taco-ish. - Okay I've come around. I agree with you. We ain't bringing this back. - [Rhett and Link] Nah, that's whack. and the mac and Cheetos, please, please. - Please. - You know what time it is. doing a kid's meal challenge and it's-- Making a difference out there, people. - Shaquille O'Neals? - In Good Mythical More. going to land. - [Rhett] Sick stickers, brah. Where's you get 'em? - [Link], brah. - [Rhett] So sick, brah. - [Link] Totally, brah. I just put 'em all over my board, brah. - [Rhett] So sick, brah. - [Link] Yeah.
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