Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

  • Published on: 2018-12-05
  • hi I'm Arianna Grande and you're watching Billboard so first up is this photo of me this is a very young flamboyant Grande child I seem to be enjoying a tiny guitar and doing what looks like the bend and snap I guess I haven't grown much since then and there's also really dope like Picasso pillow in the background where's that mom can I have that okay next one okay so this is mean Frankie very cute as young children I still look like that without makeup and hair and extensions and stuff Frankie doesn't look like that at all I don't know I actually don't even think that's Frankie I don't know who that is actually I maybe I have another brother but that's me for sure I'll use a crew crew when I get out of the showers exactly know that I swear to God I swear good times man thank you okay next one me and mommy this is me and mommy again that's exactly what I look like without her hair and makeup that's me and my mom looking very similar and I look very contemplative my mom must have been teaching me how to run a business already at 3:00 she's like honey so the here's how you answer the phones ah this is me and my grandpa cute I was his favorite I know you're not supposed to have like a favorite grandchild but that's I was for sure his favorite I was like two minutes old here so it's so cute I like my headpiece oh this one's really fun okay so this was not Halloween this was like a random Thursday in July and my dad was like working late so my family and I did this together that's insane we need a severe help still all of us this also is still what I look like without makeup on oh this is a really really great baby picture this is a really special one because it's pretty much I don't think there's any shady or looking person on the planet that's the shadiest thing I've ever seen in my whole life also Nona had red hair when was that I'm like bitch that's my cookie is my juice okay carry on Thank You next that's what this baby picture says that's that's crazy if my kid ever looks like me like that imma be like oh shit that's what oh this pretty accurate nothing has changed I have a little a little more hair now actually a little I'm just kidding I've less advice I would give to my younger self would probably be the same advice I think I'm giving to myself today which is just to be kinder to myself I'm like I've always been way better at giving stuff like lots of love and chances and you know acceptance and forgiveness to other people but none to myself so I think I would try to instill that or realize that at least a little earlier because I'm you know just starting to enter that chapter now I figure [Music]
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