YouTubers React To Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Music Video & Easter Eggs)

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • this is like was so smart on her part today do all this I wish my breakups were as colossal oh what a what a wonderful time that would be one time on Twitter I heard Arianna was same time Wow turns out a best reaction ever heard Arianna was pregnant that Colleen ballinger Oh Colleen I love Colleen so I got pregnant so we could be pregnant at the same time oh it's the honor grande song turns out it was just a rumor oh yes yes I watched this immediately when it dropped you know I've seen this all day once so this is good it's so pretty fresh for me ariana broke off an engagement so I found a guy to propose to me this is great I broke off an engagement I heard she's a lesbian now embedding some chick called all break [Music] Ariana says my girl Gabby Ariana Singh is so amazing so I decided to punch my good for Gabby Ariana says honest to god knock me out so I decided to punch myself in the face it was oh oh this music video is like the best of all time Thank You next oh is this the actual music video [Music] but it was in a niche but sometimes about Ricki now listen in laugh I'm so good the classic burnback sorry I dipped [Music] oh I get it this is like that like that Mean Girls Mean Girls is just like that classic classic thank you next advice Kris Jenner there Kris Jenner that's right there that's part of the video quatre rates we're in a gay dude clueless I feel like this is every 90 girls dream music video okay now we're on to bring it off wait these are like movie references I'm so bad at these references I love to bring it on it was so fun oh I like this part too we hit me by surprise because I was like okay yeah Mean Girls Mean Girls bring it on there's choline there's choline yes look I love Colleen as a cheerleader with her pregnant belly it's the best Colleen you can't be cheerleading when they got that baby 13 going on 30 right look there are so many hidden Nuggets in this video the more you watch it the more you'll catch new things it's pretty chill I don't like a lot of pop music but this is not bad [Music] wait is that Legally Blonde okay I got one of them I love the dog I love that she has the dog this is like was so smart on her part to it all this I mean Jennifer Coolidge I missed you she looks the same as she did in the movie good for her it was really big well I've only gone out with one guy that had a big front tooth double entendre he never got anything stuck in the front teeth I love this song I love this song it's a the song is a flop as the kids say honestly I would be like resented having watched at least ten times already [Music] although Bend and a whip or whatever the whipper snap with Ben and crack [Music] thank you next thank you next ups dude oh yeah the sexy the sexy UPS guy I forgot about that story line you know what I really love though is that Ariana use like her best friends in this music video : Wow a pregnant Queen thank you next bitch thank you next bitch thank you that is the highlight is Kris Jenner saying thank you next I love Ariana Grande we love her I loved the music video it's a great breakup song it's thanking them for helping her grow as a person and what she learned from me to them and I think that's cool so we've more to show you in a second but that was the music video for ariana grande's Thank You next yeah it sure was thank you next the video also broke the record for the most views on a music video in YouTube's history in the first 24 hours of being released damn that's not bad it beat BTS Congrats Ariana that's a nice milestone I mean if a girl's gonna do it it's gonna be alright so one aspect of the music video that has a lot of fans talking are the Easter eggs that are hidden throughout the video and although we can't show you everything because scenes are still being dissected we do have a few of the most talked about moments to show you now and see if you notice them oh okay I was like putting Easter eggs in the background of my videos but it's a lot of it's a lot of like fellow youtubers in the background or 4/20 so this is Ariana's take on the infamous burn book from Mean Girls but instead she's writing in all the things about her exes that she likes here for instance where she is writing about how sweet her ex-boyfriend rapper Big Sean is and how he could still get it oh does that mean they could still be together or she acknowledges that he is still fine even to this day that's always nice when you're on on good terms with your ex it's actually really nice cuz you know the burn book was like a disc but like she kind of like flipped it and made it nice and you know when you're when you're talking about your exes you usually talk bad about them but in this case she's showing that you know they these are the positive things about this shows a lot of maturity on her part even just in the song in general on how it was released the music video very mature sorry I dipped peat I love you always huge he's tall no oh yeah Pete that was the one I knew about I forget his last name he was a comedian she was dating someone and then they broke up that's all I know and this one there's another homage in the burn book of a recent ex-fiance Pete Davidson the huge is referenced to the Twitter post from Ariana that sparked a lot of conversation because of the innuendos CVE I think energy over there which was later confirmed means big energy yeah I mean he supposedly has a big old big dick energy I mean good for you Pete and many people credit Ariana for creating that phrase no way I didn't know Ariana invented victim big energy Wow there's that's two things that I didn't know Ariane has started so here ariana drives up in her car with the license plate saying seven rings many are speculating that the seven rings are supposed to represent the seven matching diamond friendship rings that she and her six best friends now we're to replace the engagement ring from Pete Davidson this is really detailed I wish my breakups were as colossal Oh what what a wonderful time that would be music it was so good in itself that I feel like you have to watch it like literally 1000 times to catch everything but I mean I love a detail-oriented girl like damn damn girl so before ariana was a successful pop star she was actually a youtuber with videos on her channel dating all the way back to 2007 wait what she just did normal YouTube stuff what'd she do on it Ariana would post various videos on our YouTube channel everything from cover songs to little skits with her brother and even celebrity impressions so we have a photo to show you of Ariana the youtuber oh look at little baby oh kid oh she's so cute it's like watching any one's old videos like bethany mota old videos oh crap look good little baby Ariana obviously YouTube is a really great platform for everybody for musicians especially it allows you to be found so much faster it allows you to participate in like covering other music and be shared so much more it's also you know it's a global platform so you can find artists from all over so as you saw there were quite a bit of cameos in the music video to name a few of featured youtubers like colleen ballinger Gabi to Martino and Troye Sivan I used to be a youtuber oh I know him I love the song star burrs and cigarettes it's in the love Simon which I haven't seen but I like that song and Kris Jenner Oh Chris Turner yeah for sure as well as Mean Girls actors Jonathan Bennett and Stephanie Drummond and Matt Bennett and daniella monet from the TV show Victorious I didn't catch that whoops that's right there were Nickelodeon people somebody said that as well as Jennifer Coolidge from Legally Blonde oh yeah yeah she's great I love her so much whoever came up with the concept of this video was right on the money because everyone wishes they had been in Mean Girls after that movie came out so uh Bravo for whoever had that idea being an online created yourself what do you think of how YouTube is evolving where youtubers are co-starring along mainstream celebrities and music videos like this I think it's great bit more musical artists are using youtubers in their music videos should they need any more call me up it speaks a law in terms of like how far YouTube has come as a platform and you know being respected as a media type and obviously she knows the value behind how big a fan base can be find someone like Colleen or Gabi so yeah that's bomb that's bomb for us bomb for that I'm like it's all-around good in the beginning was like okay yeah we're just like Internet people and then now with the popularity of like Instagram and and different apps and like in YouTube we're at the forefront of everything just as much as the mainstream celebrities are I'm surprised it's 2018 we've been over both sides of the entertainment fence both you know Hollywood and YouTube and social media that lion it's still oil and water there's no crossover so when I see these mainstream artists working with these big content creators it's like it's nice because it's like it's another step in the right direction Digital stars are the newest form of stars so we're very much so still the underdogs a lot of people are a little hesitant because we are the newest form so I really love to see artists who are very embracing of this new genre of stars us as youtubers we have a big influence the one way I found out about our on OSA videos actually through Gabi D Martino's Instagram post where she post a picture with Arianna and I was like how did she do that and then I found out I was like oh she was in her music video so I found out through Gabi that Arianna I almost come in with the music video so it just goes to show you that like youtubers do have an influence and we can bring views to your product or your video or whatever you want to promote and finally prior to the release of the music video for Thank You next Ariana had teased the video several times weeks in advance by posting photos and referencing the iconic films that would be influencing the video which led to a lot of hype and anticipation from fans as well as rumors of who will be making a cameo on which films we paid homage to considering the high level of anticipation that surrounded the release of this video do you personally think it was worth all the hype yeah I mean it was it's the most fastest growing video now oh my gosh 100% she killed it there's like like what else more could she have done the more you talk about it the more hype there is it seemed like a cool kind of cultural event seems to have impacted even people that aren't even passive fans so I think it's a success it's really fun you know and I it did it does what the internet does best which is remind us of things we liked in the 90s and early 2000s and I guess I do relate it more to let go if you think back fondly about your previous relationships that's a really great place to be in life hmm thank you guys so much for watching this episode of youtubers react subscribe to all the creators in this episode links will be in the description below bye and thank you next hey guys ethan here from FBE a big thank you to all the amazing creators who came in and shot this episode with us be sure to check out their channels by clicking on the links in the description below [Music]
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